I am Jo Berman (nee Kyne) and have been working with individuals and corporates for the last ten years as a fitness trainer.

On a 1:1 basis, I've worked locally at The Royal Berkshire Health & Racquets Club and The Windsor Club. I am now delighted to be working from a private studio in Ascot, Berkshire.

Sessions available from the beautiful private studio in Ascot, in your home or workplace.

Contact me - Jo Berman


If you would like to learn more about our Health Check Days through to our bespoke Wellbeing programmes, then please contact on 07967 376724 or email joberman@mylifefit.co.uk.



Introducing a health initiative to your office is such a productive way of engaging with your staff. WorkLifeFit Team includes nutritionists, marketeers, health professionals and event organisers to deliver solutions that gel staff on all levels, improve loyalty and engagement AND reduce absenteeism.

From our health programme at Playtex UK. As a result of the programme, staff told us:


63% said they had been ill less frequently

57% said they no longer have energy dips mid morning or mid afternoon

92% said there was a more positive atmosphere in the office

69% said they felt more valued by their employer.


'In the workplace, I highly recommend a wellbeing programme with WorkLifeFit – it has had a significant impact on morale, motivation and team working, and has positively impacted our business results'

Debbie Rix, DB Apparel UK General Manager, speaking at a conference in 2007 regarding DBA's programme with Work Life Fit.

Examples of Workplace Initiatives and Health Days:

Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Testing
Imagine finding even one member of your staff with dangerously high health readings – your business depends on your staff, and this simple, proactive offer has benefits to staff on many levels.

  Relaxation techniques
Stress is a dangerous thing, and it can be addressed in a proactive way, tailored specifically to your staff and relevant to your business.
Sessions range from work-life-balance workshops to meditation and yoga classes.

Team Building
Ever fancied a boxing session with your boss? Deciphering an obstacle course with your colleague from Accounts? Having a great stress-relieving lunch-time aerobics class just along the corridor from your office? A healthy body means a healthy mind so offering wellbeing initiatives to your staff is a win-win for everyone.

  Core Stability & Posture
These are the buzz words at the moment, and rightly so! When back pain is one of the most common reasons for absenteeism, this workshop is always greatly appreciated by employees and well attended!